Home care for all needs, preferences and occasions

The Premier23 Care Services mission is to provide the highest possible standard of home care by combining compassion with professional excellence.

Our highly-experienced, highly-qualified and highly-trained team are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients. Whether they need general domestic care to live life to the fullest or more specialised support, we are committed to ensuring their needs are met and their lives are comfortable.

We recognise that just as no two people are alike, no two clients have the same exact needs. We therefore take a holistic approach to designing care plans instead of going for a one-size-fits-all approach, endeavour to get to know their preferences and requirements to provide a higher standard of care.

Our team of experienced care workers are on-hand to answer any questions and to start your loved one on the journey to better care. Call us at 07493 597944 to get started.

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Domiciliary Care 

For those who need a little extra help in their day-to-day lives while retaining their independence.

What this entails is up to you or your loved one, whether that happens to be light housekeeping to maintain a safe home or a helping hand with grocery shopping.




Live-In Care 

A more comprehensive option for those who need the attentive full-time care without the upheaval of moving into supported living.

In the interest of flexibility, this can be tailored from on-hand assistance in the events to found-the-clock 24-hour support.




Hospital to Home 

Transitioning to ones' regular routine can be a challenge after a long stay at hospital or a particularly invasive surgery.

That's why our care agency offers transitionary care to help in this period, from assistance walking after a hip surgery to simple companionship.





Respite Care 

We appreciate that as important as primary caregivers are, they cannot be there all of the time.

Our respite care services help people step away from their commitments for a break, holiday or other obligations, safe in the knowledge their loved ones are in good hands.




End of Life Care 

Our team of experienced and empathetic caregivers are dedicated to ensuring your loved one receives the highest quality of care, compassion and understanding during this sensitive period.




Supported Living 

Supported living offers young people a nurturing and empowering environment to develop essential life skills, build their independence and transition into living alone.

To that end, our care agency offers a tailored combination of practical help, mentorship and guidance.





Specialist Care 

With a focus on promoting independence and enhancing quality of life, our specialist care services aim to empower individuals to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives through compassionate support, interventions and by fostering a nurturing environment.




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What does our care agency provide in a care plan?

Each care plan we design is tailored for the care recipient after we spend some time with them and their loved ones, but as a rule of thumb they include:

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General personal care

Including washing, bathing, dressing, mobility assistance, grooming, toileting, oral hygiene, feeding, reading and help with admin.

Icon hanger and towel

Home and domestic care

Including laundry, ironing, dusting, cleaning and hoovering.

Icon apple and drink

Meal preparation

We can help prepare meals or provide assistance as needed.


Icon medicine

Medication assistance

Including pharmacist visits.

Icon shopping basket

Shopping services

Our carers can help with shopping for groceries, clothing, essentials, and more.

Icon senior and carer

Safety supervision and sit in services

This helps us support our carers and help develop their skills so they can deliver you the best care possible.




Similarly, each package is individually tailored to strike a balance between care and independence – We can arrange plans from as little as 30 minute a week to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Ensure your loved ones receive the best care – Speak to one our staff on 07493 597944 to get started.

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Who can we provide home care for?

  • Adults aged 18 years and over
  • Adults aged 65+
  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with learning difficulties
  • People with medical needs
  • People with mental health needs
  • People with dementia & cognitive impairment