After-Hospital Care 




Helping your loved one ease back into their routine

A long stay at the hospital due illness, injury or a surgery can be a debilitating experience for anyone, let along the elderly or those with specific needs.

Our compassionate after-hospital care plans are designed to help your loved one transition back to their daily routine after such a disruption, while assisting them with any recuperative or rehabilitative work that may be required. Beyond physical care, your loved one's caregiver will help maintain a safe and supportive home environment for optimum recovery by identifying and addressing potential hazards.

Ensure a swift and comfortable recovery with our after-hospital services. Arrange a free consultation with one of the Premier23 Care Services team at 07493 597944 to get started.

Just as no two hospital stays are the same, no two after-hospital packages from our care agency are the same. A typical plan might include the general assistance provided in a domiciliary care package, with the added inclusion of additional mobility assistance if your loved one is recovering from a surgery, help with rehabilitation exercises, wound care and, of course, emotional support during this troubling time.